A Black and Pregnant Pope

This poem has a facetious side, but the subject matter is serious. The Church should be a beacon of light to a confused humanity. God’s Spirit should constantly invigorate and renew its mission. But so often, it is the secular world that seems to teach and lead the Church. Many traditionalists would immediately point out that the Church must stand firm against the secular tide but while they look to an illusionary perfection, thousands of decent folk are feeling more and more out of touch with what the Church seems to stand for. Maybe the challenge is to understand what exactly is the core of the Gospel to which the Church must hold fast come what may.


The Catholic Church isn’t noted

For its openness to change;

Eternal verities and all that…

No place for the new or strange.


The Church must always give the lead,

Vetting what lay sciences propound;

Lest we end up morally bankrupt;

Whatever next? An earth that’s round?


Too often it’s the secular world,

That evangelises religion;

And pagan insights that throw new light

On scriptural interpretation.


Tradition tends to fossilise

The Spirit’s vital invitations;

And a dense clerical top soil,

May stifle any inspirations.


Women priests? Don’t make me laugh;

After all, Jesus chose twelve men,

And come to think of it, God became

A man – male’s ultimate amen?


Could a woman preach a sermon?

Or comfort and counsel the distressed?

Could she spare the time for ministry?

Oh heck! Do (male) priests pass that test?


St. Augustine is a lot to blame,

For attitudes to sex and women;

Where Jesus’ teaching celebrates life,

For Original Blessing read Sin.


I was brought up safe in the knowledge,

That I had an invisible friend;

An angel called ‘guilt’ who assured me,

That my sins would get me in the end.


Good Pope John unlocked the fortress doors;

‘Checkpoint Church’ just had to go!

But John Paul and Benedict drew back,

And now we’re left – in limbo…


I’ll say my nunc dimittis when,

I get my sincere and lifelong hope;

That sitting on the throne of Peter,

There is a black and pregnant pope!