A Broader Faith

Religion and science don’t have the best track record in regard to each other, but if we as Christians believe in the living God, we need to remind ourselves that scientific endeavour is itself a precious gift from Him, and there is nothing to fear from sincere investigation of every facet of our existence. No matter what it might uncover…

My faith in You my Lord is strong,

Yet there are times when I wonder:

I see the stars, the teeming chance

Other beings are there out yonder?


If Jesus’ sacrifice split cosmic history,

Are we the chosen bearers of grace?

To evangelise not just our very selves,

But divers aliens lurking in outer space?


Or does His awful blood-sweat agony,

Repeat itself in far away worlds, where

Strange looking folk love and hate, and

Good and evil are drawn in battle there?


So let religion not be afraid of science,

And it’s challenging yet wondrous tale.

If God is, then His truth is all around,

And scripture’s love message will not fail.


If God can hold the cosmos in His palm,

And still give tender, doting, fatherly care

To each and every soul, then do I kneel

In humblest adoration and lauding prayer.


Yes, my faith in You my Lord is strong.

May it be a mature and reasoned stance.

I ask a child’s wonder for Your creation:

Whatever else it is not the result of chance.