A Man came By

Did you hear the one about the three men?

A man came by.

He said that when we die

We will be no more.

That seemed so sad to me.


A man came by.

He didn’t know what happened

When death came to us.

Top marks for honesty.


A man came by.

He said that God had made us

For life eternal.

He was nailed to a tree.


~ ~ ~


Jesus came by.

“I was laid in the tomb but

Now I am risen!”

He said: “Believe in me!”


First man came by.

Hearsay from a bunch of fishermen.

Not enough for him.

That too, seemed sad to me.


Man two came by.

He also demanded proof that

Death was not the end.

There is no certainty.


And I shall die.

Until then, I will trust that

My deepest desires

Are not a lottery.