A Space Within

What each person really needs is so very close by, but seemingly so hard to find…

Bruised and battered by life,

Let me find a haven,

Wherein I can breathe in silence;

A space within, not some place without.

A sanctuary of the heart,

And not the avoidance of life,

That might seem attractive just now.


For I want to flee,

But Your Spirit warns against:

True peace is not found by dodging

That which has brought dismay,

But rather by finding that core,

That tabernacle of the soul,

Set in the very midst of lived life.


A portal to wholeness,

Open to every child of God,

Wherein He is pleased to dwell,

In the very heart of us.

Where the fruits of the Spirit,

Are ripe for the harvesting,

For the weary and the burdened.


Though Eden has been lost,

And we struggle to show love,

There is a garden of sacredness

So very close to us,

Though each journey is unmapped,

And few seem to know:

Entry is by the narrow gate.