A Spring in Our Step

“What can bring us happiness many say? Let the light of Your face shine on us O Lord” Psalm 4:7



Many good folk see no need for God.

They find joy and meaning in other things.

Yet nothing compares to the fulfilment,

That the knowledge of His love brings.


If we could but see the face of God,

All mundane things would pale away,

All human ambitions recalibrate,

All knees gladly bow to His sway.


A parent’s bliss in their child’s step?

A trader’s rush in getting that sale?

A stateman’s joy in gaining peace?

Finding that Treasure is off the scale!


Eye has not seen, nor ear heard;

We haven’t the faintest conception;

Our fragile hearts might explode,

At what awaits us in His Kingdom.


To know that nothing can ever ruin,

Or lose us the place He’s set aside;

That we are already gifted with Life,

That only our NO can see denied.


To live in love is to be right by God,

Whether we go to church or not.

But let our love be fully inclusive,

With no place for hatred, not a jot.


To live in love is what life’s about,

But to know love’s true destiny,

Is to have a spring in our step now,

A ‘now’ that will reach to eternity.


Where death and loss are mitigated,

Almost trivial across eternity’s span,

Where God will bring all to the good,

If we but truly love our fellow man.