A Universe Within

Do you want to meet the living God?



There is a universe within every human heart,

Hugely wide and deep, with no apparent chart.

Each soul, majestic in territory and scope,

Mostly unexplored, rich in potency and hope.


The most pathetic tramp lying in the gutter;

The newest newborn nestling on its mother;

The brightest professor working in her field;

All share a calling to search this inner bield.


Yet in our frantic, distracted, contracted space,

We’re tempted to deny there’s any such place.

And that which is closest is hardest to unlock:

Where is the door, and just how do we knock?


The gateway to this realm is a quietened stance:

Taking time to stop, and to… listen perchance?

That inner path past the noise of life’s mad array,

Where memories lurk, and fears come into play.


In humility, we may find a guide, for such do exist,

But ultimately our will alone will help us to persist.

Do we believe, and do we value such a ‘treasure’?

Or do we prefer to live for superficial pleasure?


Made in His image, we are called to something more,

To go beyond the surface, to find that blessed door.

Yet while most folk will see it as something odd,

It’s still the surest path to meeting up with God.