Always Be Thankful

Can we always be thankful?


When life’s so dark that there seems no hope,

And another day finds you lower than low;

When a brief smile is more than you can give:

There is yet cause to be thankful even so.

For you are most precious to the eternal God,

Who will draw all folk to His loving breast,

And even cruel death cannot tear us away,

From Him who overcame its vilest test.


For sin He forgives and weakness He accepts,

Knowing full well the limitations of our span.

Yes, He loves you as you are this very minute,

The real you, and not some future superman.

He died long ago for you and gives Himself

For you, yes, for you yourself this very day.

Every hair on your head is counted (be sure!),

And from billions, He glad fashions your DNA!


Nothing can wrench us from His loving hold,

Save that we resolutely choose hate o’er love,

For then we say a fearful NO to our Saviour’s plan,

Defining our eternity when push comes to shove.

For the Kingdom has been given to us already!

As a free gift of a doting Father’s prodigality,

And whatever we make of life here on earth,

As long as we love, we live – that’s the reality.


So be thankful, for you are a favoured child,

Of Him who controls all creation’s destiny,

And the deepest desires of the human heart,

Are fulfilled by a beneficent hegemony.

Be thankful then, come what may, for nothing

Compares with the supreme joy of having Him;

And fear nothing, for evil can never endure,

And imposter death holds no lasting sting!