I would like this to be my personal mission statement

I will call no one ‘lord’

Because I have but one Lord:

My dear saviour and brother Jesus.


I will bow down to no man

Because I bend the knee

To One alone, who is my creator God.


I will kowtow to no one

Because I am the adopted child

Of the almighty and eternal King.


I will condemn no one

Because I myself am reprieved

By Him who is rich in mercy.


I will love all men regardless

Because I am first loved

By Him just as I am.


I will walk humbly on this earth

Because I know that

Everything we have and use is gift.


I will avoid fundamentalism

Because He is high above me

And His ways are beyond me.


I will live in the present

Because it is the only moment

I can own.


I will not fear the future

Because He has gone before

To prepare a place for me.


I have belief in the God of Jesus

Because His Good News

Resonates in the depths of my soul.