Communing Sweet

As in any relationship, two people who are close and comfortable with each other, can just enjoy being together. So too with God and us.



To glory in Your great name O Lord,

Is all I ever wish to do.

To spend time communing sweet,

Focussed on naught but You.


In latter days I ken Your pleasure,

How fine to loiter near Thee,

The value of that vine’d connect,

Renewed by sacred energy.


That I had owned this truth in youth,

And not wasted long years;

But past is past and in Your hands:

Redeem my tears and fears.


You look after the birds of the air:

Can I find that simple trust?

To put You first in everything,

And become the man I must?


To wait in pregnant pause-praise,

Absorbing smiling silence,

That nourishing grace of Yours,

Revivifying every sense.


Yes, god-time is good for you!

Recharging one’s life battery,

To better go forth in love-service,

Suffused with blest reverie.


To share that deepset smiling look,

No narcissistic grimacing,

But warmest peace mellowness,

My heart safe in Your keeping.


Prayer value is a credence thing,

To see beyond time wasting.

To glory in Your great name O Lord,

Amounts to eternity tasting.