Dare I?

For serious believers, there is only one way to go – the inward path of prayer, meditation, and silence. To make that difficult journey towards the centre, that mysterious universe of the inner person, to hopefully meet God in that sacred space. This is not an easy thing to do, if only because we begin to see our true selves, with all the wounds and darkness that lies therein.

Dare I journey into my past,

Sighting things that ache and sting?

Feeling hurts and messy anger;

All the baggage memories bring.



Dare I trust my Saviour’s word,

That healing balm is there for me?

That I can face divers demons,

If I but walk in step with Thee?


Dare I devote the time it takes,

To sojourn in the heart’s back yard?

To linger there and feel the dread,

Touching that which has left me scarred?


Dare I discern to find a friend,

A spiritual companion who

Will not recoil in distaste at me,

But will be God’s presence in lieu?


Dare I open my soggy mess,

My pathetic ragbag of sins,

To another’s scrutinising gaze,

Who might just condemn and cringe?


Dare I put my faith on the line,

By listening to that inner sound?

Refusing to live in pious pose,

To stand naked on holy ground?


Dare I take my Jesus’ promise,

That our Father is the prodigal:

Waiting, waiting for my return,

To forgive as in the parable?


Dare I be the person I should be,

And reap the talents’ dividend?

That treading the inward path is not

To bury them, but to profit in the end?


Dare I let my conscience be heard,

To recognise that divine blueprint,

And say yes to eternal fulfilment:

Life in the death of Him who was sent?


Dare I stand tall in His story,

Rejecting religion as a crutch,

To plunge into life’ reality,

To chance the gain of so very much?