Forgive and Forget?

Is God keener to forgive than we are to be forgiven?

Everything matters to God.

“Every hair on your head has been counted”.

There is nothing, no matter how trivial,

That God forgets.

What does it mean then to say that God forgives?

Isn’t there always some aspect where He says:

“You’re the guy who did that…”

Can we ever shake off the guilt of sin?


After all, mud sticks.


God says:

“I throw your sin behind my back!”


When God forgives,

He puts our sin out of sight.

It’s as if it never happened.

Only God can do this.

Slate wiped clean.


Non stick.


When the prodigal son returns,

He blurts out his list of sins,

But the father – God – hushes him:

“You’re home!

My son is home!

Prepare a feast!

Music and dancing!

Party time!”


A totally new beginning.