Glad Infinitum

Some musings on what He means to me…

Above best, you soft-cradle my wayward heart with warm brotherly arms.

Back before my first remembered thoughts, way before I, you were, there.

And after my span, you remain, ever, glad infinitum, imparting life to all.

You support, subtly, my stutter-steps, as I slip-slide on the edge of things.

You uphold my life stance, refusing to laugh, or cry, at my hypocrisies.

You wait… patiently, for me to wake from the coma of my mediocrity,

And you hold your breath for that hoped for glimmer of recognition.

You deem me worthwhile, while I whittle at the crust of worthless things.

Deeper than the depths of me, you stand in the sordid mire of my sin,

Breathing in my stench, and breathing out the oxygen of fullest life.

You love-look me, even as I continue, continue, continue, to deny you.

As high above me as I am below me, you would raise me to eternal heights.

Strong brother mine, pure extrusion of the Father, and conduit to Him.

You envalue me, adopting me as true sibling into the family of the Trinity.