God Doesn’t Stand at the Crossroads

If sin is failing to do God’s will, either by commission or omission, then we, all of us, could be said to take wrong turns in our pilgrimage through life. Sometimes it isn’t a simple matter of realising our error and turning backwards. We find ourselves in new places and new realities, with new attitudes and new responsibilities. How does God deal with this, and what does it mean for us?

In life we choose

One road over another,

Even to not decide

Is to take a certain route,

And oftentimes

We wonder at our choice,

And rue our path

By looking at its fruit.

In life we take

One way and press on,

Though sometimes

We want to stop and turn;

To go backwards

To that old junction,

Wiser, perhaps,

To revisit what we spurn..

In life we stall,

Yearning for what was,

And with hindsight

Eyes we savour the past,

And weighing up

Our present lot, we

Bemoan decisions made,

And places we’ve bypassed.

In life betimes,

We sense a turning

Wrongly taken and,

Ponder what we’ve lost.

We maybe fear

An angry God, waiting

Back there, standing

Stern, with arms crossed.

In life we feel

Alone in our selfmade

Bed – God forsaken,

Unable to retrace our steps.

If only by some

Magic time travel we

May undo what’s done,

In order to quell regrets?

In life there is

Rarely going back…

The mercy news

Is that our God is HERE,

Beside us now,

To accept us as we are,

AND where we are.

Sinner, be of good cheer!

In life our God

Doesn’t stand afar off

At past crossroads

Waiting His pound of flesh;

He keeps faith, and

Pace with us, to offer

Us new beginnings,

HERE, NOW, to start afresh!