Great God

A small poem that attempts to express some feelings towards God. Everything we try to say about God is coloured by our relationship with Him, and rightly so.

Thou better than best, uncaused superlative,

Causing us fondly. We are, and will ever be,

Because of You. Your no-going-back promise,

No strings, attached to us for longest eternity.

Suscitator, we rightly adore You!


Holding the universe while head hair counting,

Beyond yet beside, do our hearts contain You?

Be there a billion earths, souls past reckoning,

Each precious, known by You through and through.

Loving many as if they were but few!


Great God, You knew our cost, our prideful sting,

That nailed a dear Son on that inglorious tree.

You put Yourself in our hands, sin surmounting,

Unquenchable covenant! Love that sets us free.

There is no sin that You will not undo!


You give us now, and every now from now on.

You want this now to be our best, momentous,

All-fulfilled, as if even now we live the Kingdom:

Past healed, future assured, Spirit present to us.

Here now, always, bringing grace anew!


Unconditional love shining across our darkness!

Sin-smeared by free and inappropriate choosing;

We so need to experience this love within our mess,

Too much to face alone, with boastful ego bruising.

Huge heart, love us mightily, love us do!