His Church is Flung Down

The Catholic Church, my Catholic Church, is daily in the news for what seems like one scandal after another.  Never mind today, in it’s long history the Church has sanctioned wars, courted power and wealth, caused reformers to leave, opposed human progress such as democracy and scientific advancement, and… a long catalogue of negativity.  Has it passed its usefulness?  What would Jesus say?  Perhaps an image from scripture might give us a clue – John 8:  1 – 11

A woman, flung down at His feet,

Caught in the sweat of adultery.

And thus they challenged Him:

Condemn to death as per the Law,

Or reprieve – and flout the Law!

They knew they had Him now,

And in their righteous fervour,

They cared not a jot for her soul.


Even now the Church is flung down,

Well guilty of sin and no mistaking.

The world demands condemnation,

So keen to see the end of this slut.

But, she is His own dear body:

So sinful and yet so very loved.

Let him among you who is sinless,

Let him execute sentence now!


Not one dare look Him in the eye,

As they slink away, mercy-dependent.

Where have they gone, My beloved?

Your sin is great and re-crucifies Me.

You are called to evangelise the world,

Yet it seems the world enlightens you!

I will never forsake or abandon you:

Turn from sin and renew your mission!