All people are called to holiness of life… yeah.



Holiness is like hoping you win the lottery.

You know it’s possible,

But draw after draw, you never win big.

And you daren’t change your numbers!

So you plod along,

Waiting for… a miracle.

Something extraordinary to happen:

That lucky combination…


And church is like a lottery syndicate.

You join together,

So you get more chances!

After all,

By yourself, it’s always tempting to stop.

Whereas in a group,

Well, it’s not so easy.

Not impossible though…


You regard the Saints:

The winners who’ve gone public.

What was their secret?

Did they just get lucky?

What do You think God?

Was their ‘win’ a cushy number?

Were their family and friends jealous:

A prophet not accepted, and all that…


I think some of the Saints were scary folk:

Very intense, obsessive types.

If being holy is extremely rare,

Then maybe it equates to being odd?

What do You think God?

Can you be holy and normal?

Are holiness and wholeness the same?

I guess I’ll never know.