Hunger Hell

I have rarely suffered anything like real hunger in my life, yet for many of the world’s population it is a daily reality…

I was hungry the other night,

And sat down to a tasty meal.

Others were hungry as well,

But no meal, rich or bland,

Had they to ease their pangs,

Or sate their hunger hell.


But they live far far away;

Nameless folk I’ll never meet.

Our lives don’t interface;

I won’t see them on my street.

Should I care for their plight,

I who… but for His grace?


But for His grace go I,

And by mere accident of birth,

I might well be starving too.

A child of famine or war?

Refugee or homeless poor?

Life’s a lottery, through and through!


Three things I must heed:

To give all thanks to Thee;

To ensure I avoid excess;

To give from my plenty,

To those who are my brothers,

That resources might redress.