Christian joy is a profound inner sense of contentment based on the sure knowledge that all will be well. In this life, it is a derivative of faith: to the degree that we understand and believe in the promise of the Gospel, to that degree will we radiate joy. And joy, as a gift of the Holy Spirit, will radiate, and will affect those around us. Joy speaks louder than a thousand sermons. It cannot be simulated.

In my life I have met a few folk who have embodied this incredible joy.

It may not seem like it

But God is in control.

And this world of ours,

Is ours for a short period.

Our actions and inactions,

While they matter to us,

Cannot derail the plan

And the timescale of God.


For all will be well,

Though it be bleak just now,

And we are redeemed,

Though we feel anything but.

In our misuse of freedom,

He may seem way far off,

But we are His children,

And He is compassionate.


So do not fret when

Life is getting you down,

And don’t give up

When all seems pointless.

The Kingdom is given you,

And His love is immense,

And as remedy for sin,

He brings mercy not justice.


Let joy rise up in you;

Deep joy and serenity;

Basking in His majesty,

And His power to renew.

Thrill to the future,

Knowing that you are loved,

And always, always will be,

By Him who is ever true.


Such joy is not heedless,

A dodging of life’s woes –

It is based on His promise,

And puts power in our hands.

So gird on that towel,

And minister to your brothers,

Forgiving their trespasses,

Just as Jesus commands.


Don’t worry about witnessing –

Don’t worry about anything!

Personal example will always

Beat preaching by a mile!

Let the Spirit enthuse you,

And His gifts infuse you,

And joy will bubble up,

And others notice your smile!


Deep joy to you then!

The joy of believing

The promise of Jesus:

Eternal life starts here!

Not some vague future wish,

But salvation applied now:

Praise Him! Give thanks!

You can be of good cheer!