Kindness Is…

I think kindness is one of the greatest qualities human beings can show to one another. Kindness is truly a radical act, and in its own way, points to a greater Lover…

Kindness is like the first sip of a wonderful wine;

Being love’s smiling child, born of God’s design.

~ ~ ~

Kindness is the very best of other peoples’ best;

Sprung from the tender prompting of His behest.

~ ~ ~

Kindness to a parent is more than just what’s right;

It is our sacred duty, and most pleasing to His sight.

~ ~ ~

Kindness is the gentle caress of His demanding love:

Nothing sugary sweet about this soft clawed dove.

~ ~ ~

Kindness, wrapped up in a smile, will touch hearts;

More potent than reason to reach our inner parts.

~ ~ ~

Kindness can move a heart hardened by life’s woe;

It can disconcert, and disarm, the angriest foe.

~ ~ ~

Kindness may not necessarily convert an enemy,

But it leaves a troubling page in their memory.

~ ~ ~

Kindness from another has such a beautiful ring;

Kindness from a group is an even greater thing.

~ ~ ~

Kindness – let it be your mission just for today;

Go and surprise your friends – what will they say?

~ ~ ~

Kindness takes the soul from mire to soar on high;

It costs absolutely nothing and always worth a try.

~ ~ ~

Kindness is love’s gentle kiss. Other gifts may fade;

Kindness takes honoured place in virtue’s parade.

~ ~ ~

As you measure out, so will you receive in turn.

Father, one act of kindness may a Kingdom earn.