Love Versus Hate

Love or hate – which is the better life stance?

Loving’s a well risky path to tread,

As we maun give our hearts away,

Making vulnerable our soul’s core,

To others’ bruising touch and sway.


Hating’s safe in that we build walls,

To fortress ourselves in rocky cleft;

Yet the lair is all whitewashed ruin,

And our hearts beat but sore bereft.


To taste life in all its gloried fullness,

We need to plunge into love’s stream.

Mayhap we sink with drowning’s terror,

Or get swept along on bliss supreme?


To hit out when we’re hurt is nature’s

Knee jerk way, and there’s a savour to

Retribution’s tang, which base justice

Hails a sacred and a necessary due.


A carefree life? The preserve of the

Selfish soul, avoiding love’s strings.

But such a life is scant recompense,

Missing the riches a lived life brings.


To grasp and grab and garner all,

While it may tantalise our whims,

Will bring but bitter blestlessness,

As death forces us to face our sins.


This life’s a flicker in eternity’s reel,

And risking hate to guild our nest,

Is poor investment for longer term:

As our mortality sets it’s final test.


Love God and do what you will!

The radical freedom of the soul

That marches to the Spirit’s beat:

Sole life stance to make us whole.