May the Force be with You!

There seems to be a certain sort of reaction against religion in our day and age, with many people ridiculing and lampooning religion. Many folk now answer the ‘religion’ question on forms with ‘Jedi’ …



May the force be with you!

There is only one true force:

That pure unconditional love,

Surging from it’s divine source.


Whether we know it or not,

This total love is given us,

Never ever to be rescinded,

God-sealed in the gift of Jesus.


This isn’t fairy-tale or fiction;

Nor supernatural hocus-pocus;

Yet it will not tolerate proof:

It demands faith’s clear focus.


It isn’t anti-reason, but supra,

Requiring a dose of humble pie,

From a humanity who’s ego

Increasingly seeks to self-deify.


We are born of a benign Power,

And should celebrate our ‘place’.

We will spend eternity being real:

Praising Him for amazing grace.


Bow down then before His throne;

Submit as befits a lesser being.

His will is way superior to ours;

Unilke us, He is truly all-seeing.


If this thought makes you livid,

Know His patience is profound,

And He will wait as prodigal,

Until at last, you turn around.


It’s our love He yearns for,

And not even God can demand,

Or engineer our free response:

Love doesn’t jump on command.


So He waits, waits, waits…

Standing back as if He didn’t care;

Desperate for our assent, though

It looks as if He’s just not there.


And we, in our blinkered view,

Failing to search for the divine,

Decry His absence, mock His Word,

And arrogantly demand a sign.


Yet a sign given, God’s own Son;

Born to die that we might live,

A contradiction to our hate,

Love’s own complete superlative.


May the force be with you!

The greatest force there is;

The only force that will last:

Come Holy Spirit of Jesus!