My Eyes have Seen

This poem is an attempt to use the stirring tune known to millions as the “Battle Hymn of the Republic”, but with hopefully more modern words. I have not slavishly followed the original’s rhythm but I hope it all holds together.



My eyes have seen

The beauty of a love

Surpassing great,

A love sprung from

A source that men seem

Slow to appreciate,

A love that flows

From a wellspring

Where all men can be sate;

If they would yet believe.


My ears have heard

The insistent call of

The Good News from above,

The hope that’s held

By revelation’s

Unconditional love,

A gift that’s

Beyond anything we’re

Capable of dreaming of;

If we would yet give heed.


My heart has felt

The soothing glow of

The Spirit’s warming grace,

The Advocate

Who dwells in us and

In every single race,

Consoling us

And guiding us

That we might see His face;

If we would tend that seed.


My mind has known

The rightness of the

Sermon on the Mount,

That golden rule

That conscience hails

As wisdom’s very fount,

A way of life

And loving on which

Every man can count;

Which we in faith receive.


My tongue tell forth

The glories of a

Gospel of great joy,

A child was born

To be something more

Than just a mere envoy,

To manifest

A perfect love which

Evil could never destroy;

In Him we find reprieve.


My soul, my soul

Shall be received

In that eternal home,

My hurts and wounds

Forever healed as

Evil’s overcome,

And all men sing

In togetherness

Their chorus of shalom!

God’s kingdom will succeed!

God’s kingdom will succeed!