My Lord and My God

My Lord and my God – words traditionally prayed at the moment of consecration during Holy Mass.

What a magnificent prayer!

My Lord and my God.

These words do not demean me,

Rather they position me aright,

As a child of the eternal Father,

Who alone has Lordship by right.


My Lord and my God.

With all my heart I say these words,

As at the now of transubstantiation,

To welcome and to worship Him,

To whom I owe my being and salvation.


My Lord and my God.

Fulfilment lies in knowing oneself;

Knowing oneself as precious child,

Crafted by that divine Artist,

Who cannot make anything defiled.


My Lord and my God.

As high above me as the heavens,

Yet who counts every hair of mine,

And who sent His very own Son,

That I might yet resurrect divine.


My Lord and my God.

I pray these words full heartedly,

And feel them seize my very soul:

The power in them to transform,

To face off sin and make me whole.


My Lord and my God.

I will not fear to bow down low,

To counter base pride at it’s source.

Oh sweet Lord, I surrender all,

For You will not take my heart by force.


My Lord and my God.

My Lord and my God, ever, always.

I acknowledge my utter dependence,

And joyfully boast of my littleness,

While relying on You with confidence.


My Lord and my God.

All praise and glory to You!

My best friend and loving Lord,

Who from all ages anticipated me,

With unconditional love assured.


My Lord and my God,

Who come now upon the altar,

With body broken by mauling sin,

Yet love reborn is offered free,

That we, one body, might begin again.


My Lord and my God.

Words will rarely touch the soul,

And emphasise our true alignment.

These simple words may yet suffice,

To express Your rainbow’d covenant.


My Lord and my God.

An entire relationship thus outlined,

The God-man bond as You intended;

I say again that I belong to You,

Your love sealed, for all ages unended.


My Lord and my God.

I will pray it again and again:

Kneeling down with head bowed low,

I gladly declare Your sovereign majesty,

And You, an eternal kingdom bestow!


My Lord and my God!

The wealth of meaning this implies,

And how rich this gift You give us:

Creating what You never needed,

At cost of Your own dear Jesus.


My Lord and my God.

May these words be my dying breath,

And may my failure and my offence,

Be redeemed by faithful communion,

And by repetition of this bold sentence.