Not in His Name

Does religion do more good than bad? I’d like to think so…

Not in His name,

The killing and maiming

Of others who are brothers;

The cheapening of life

That we share as His gift.


Not in His name,

Bombing and beheading

Of innocents who are brothers;

The abuse of power

That He has given on trust.


Not in His name,

Forced conversions or death

Of ‘infidels’ who are brothers;

The arrogance of belief

That should listen to Him.


Not in His name,

The use of His name

To further partisan causes;

The fa├žade of religion

That isn’t worthy of Him.


Not in His name,

The subjugation of women

By men who are their brothers;

The bankruptcy of tradition

That blocks the Spirit’s dance.


Not in His name,

The accumulation of wealth

To hold power and prestige;

A church that should serve

The Christ in the gutter.


Not in His name,

Holding the moral high ground

Without showing compassion;

An unprodigal church

That waits for the sinner.


Not in His name,

A divided church

Of folk who are brothers;

Paying scant heed to

His passionate plea for unity.


Not in His name,

Posturing as disciples

Yet following our will;

The use of His name

Will stand to our blame.