Many people loudly proclaim their God. Does that God bear any resemblance to the living God?



Arrogance is an attitude which says:

I know better than you!

Whether I do or not,

Actions based on certainty are dangerous,

Because we don’t know the full picture;

We haven’t read the plot.


Human life is never black or white,

But myriad shades of grey,

And each person sees things

From a particular standpoint,

Which roots us to the ground.

And we don’t have any wings.


Religion is a dangerous thing,

Because we relate to a God

Who is all knowing,

But He’s not us, and we’re not Him!

No one has clear sight

Of what He’s proposing.


He speaks but we don’t listen.

He acts but we fail to see the signs.

He came but we crucified Him.

He waits but we’re elsewhere.

He left a book but we don’t absorb it.

He’s Lord but we’d sooner do our own thing.


When you look at us Lord,

Do You laugh or do You cry?

And as regards Your fan club,

Does our zeal do You credit,

As we ply our one-upgodship?

Is it PR for Beelzebub?


How these Christians love each other!

That will touch the heart.

Such love is not weak:

No aggressive evangelism,

Just humble loving kindness.

That’s the PR You seek.


God preserve us from god-arrogance!

Let us value discernment,

Taking time for prayer,

That we may begin to pierce

The clouds of existence,

To maybe glimpse what’s there.


To this end, sweet Lord,

May we value sincere opinion,

Celebrating difference as gift,

Taking time to listen to others,

Especially the stranger and the foe,

That we might get Your drift…