Our Sacred Chipset

Computing terminology may be an odd metaphor for the spiritual life, but here goes…

In our heart, there is a blueprint,

Fashioned by a wiser One above.

A God-engineered sacred chipset:

You and I are hard-wired for love.


And yet we tend to thwart His logic,

To by-pass all of His commandments,

And short circuit love’s instructions,

So that our effectiveness fragments.


Our pride would have us reprogram,

Causing our function to usurp roles,

Our purpose to signpost the Kingdom,

Is hampered by sin reversing poles.


Our power for good thus impacted,

We flicker on and off in oscillation,

Oblivious to the Spirit’s gentle pulse,

While blaming God for our situation.


Our batteries drained by temptation,

We rarely reach a peak performance;

Love’s high voltage being compromised,

Mutual integration never gets a chance.


For we are units of a greater whole,

And our collective force is weakened,

When we deviate from love’s program,

To insert ourselves above our friend.


Sin’s virus has infected our nature,

And the remedy requires a rebuild:

Radical conversion by divine solder,

To reroute us away from baser ills.


We need to trust the divine architect;

He who crafted us in His clean room,

That we will not be decommissioned,

And our downtime not lead to doom.


This is no Frankenstein operation,

To shock us into an alien identity.

Rather a gentle salvific radiation,

Released by His death upon the tree.


The application of unconditional love,

Is the remedy for all human woes;

It reconstructs our faulty contacts,

And energises our hearts’ dynamos.


From love’s perfection we are called,

Each a precious discreet component,

Constructing a glorious illumination:

To highlight His everlasting covenant.