Patriot?  One who gives his all for the fatherland?  Then just what is the true fatherland?



I would a patriot for the Kingdom be.

Not for some patch of earthly soil,

And not for worldly riches will I toil,

Rather to propagandise all for Thee.


He who would choose a piece of coal,

Before a bar of gold is sure a clown.

Would you risk a temporary crown,

To lose share of an everlasting goal?


Nationalism as the cult of kin holds

Poor promise for the human family.

The stranger is my brother in reality,

If I but shed my fear-filled blindfolds.


Maybe you don’t hold with eternity?

Then take your chances as it may,

But understand that on that day,

Only love has enduring efficacy.


I would a patriot for His Kingdom be,

And for His kingdom and His alone.

For neither fortune, rank or throne,

Compares to dwelling in His company!