An allegory of salvation…

I died,

And I found myself in a pleasant dell,

Where a running stream flowed through.

I was somehow calm, and looking round,

There saw someone I thought I knew.


He wasn’t robed in glorious splendour,

Yet possessed himself in kingly manner.

His face was open with friendship’s smile,

Though I felt he would brook no banter.


I looked and looked again and then I saw

The stream was flowing close by his side,

And in the pure clear water was his blood,

Shed that something precious be supplied.


He bid me bathe in that abundant course,

That my ragged scars might there be healed.

That red red blood did cleanse my wounds,

And seeping into my soul, a light revealed.


And I, then struck by my sin’s enormity,

Felt shame for talents so long neglected.

More so for good not done, than evil acts;

For such gifts I had; so much expected.


A look of love from him hushed my shame,

And his arms confirmed total acceptance.

I had no right to share his vital grace, but

E’en so, he pointed yonder to an entrance.


It was the Kingdom’s gate, just close by.

It’s vista beyond anything I had dreamed.

Yet a wild raging torrent barred my path,

And no bridge for sinners or redeemed.


Then did he come with sweetest care,

And bid me climb up upon his back!

A moment’s pride, but then I knew:

His strength would supply my lack.


And so off I went to join the blessed,

Piggybacked in appropriate humility.

For my loving Saviour took me home,

Carried secure, borne aloft by mercy.