Praise is Good for You!

If confession is good for the soul, then praise is good for the whole. As believers, we have so much scope to praise our God, most of all, just for Himself. Happily, our praising brings immense benefit back to us. Try it and see…

Praise of God is an awesome thing:

More powerful than any laughter.

It’s what we’re made for, our nature,

And what we’ll be doing ever after.


Make no mistake, our true fulfilment

Lies in endless adoration of the One,

Who is our source, our greatest lover,

Truest friend, and eternal salvation.


Believer, agnostic, atheist, Jedi,

Or whatever else may be our views,

We are made by and for God, and

Owning that blueprint sheds the blues.


The man who hates is heart-abusing:

His own heart, busy feeding it bile,

Instead of nourishing life and love,

As he will discover, yet awhile.


Sad is he who waits for proof, and

Will not let his spirit soar on high.

In quietude, go find that inner fire,

Which heart and soul will not belie.


Nothing is more therapeutic, and

Liberating for the soul than praise:

Simple in essence, it draws us out,

Raises us up and lifts our malaise.


For our praise always brings benefit,

From a God who always gives more:

Our act of giving adoration to Him,

Vivifies and enriches us at core.


Have you ever let rip in free praise?

Moving beyond all conscious thought,

Beyond mere words, to that inner song,

Where lasting change can be wrought?


Sprung from knowing that we are loved,

Loved without strings by heaven’s force,

An inner fountain yearns to gush forth,

And all praise flows from that source.


For we are made for love, and yes,

For lauding, now and all our days.

This our birthright, our sacred duty:

Be all you can be – sing His praise!