Sacred Slander

Religious fundamentalism is abhorrent. Religious fundamentalism is predicated on the arrogant assumption that we have clarity of knowing God’s will in all things. It is not to be confused with a holy zeal for the things of God.

The fundamentalist expects God to dance to their tune, and not the other way round.

And that tune is usually a narrow, noxious creed which is exclusivist and divisive.

And because the fundamentalist has zero respect for those not of his ilk, it’s possible to adopt a murderous bent…



You’re about as wrong as wrong can be,

Especially since you claim to see.

You speak for God, yet know Him not;

Your heart is filled with rage and rot.

Busy waging your bilious crusade,

You make God into a colluding aide;

Casting Him as your sick commander,

Yours is the ultimate sacred slander.


Oh, you’re busy saying your prayers,

Yet know zilch about spiritual affairs.

You talk of God, though heedless of His will,

While relishing your vile urge to kill.

All prayer begins with listening to Him,

And not in justifying your nasty whim.

Do you not know the place of doubt,

Or have you some superhuman clout?


If you’re steered by your revered teachers,

Are you able to discern such preachers?

It’s too easy to slant religious tradition

To reflect a narrow exclusivist position.

To dress up your jealous preoccupations

With god-sponsored bald condemnations.

Easily radicalised, brain-washed no doubt,

Folk aren’t listening, so you have to shout.


You long for martyrdom? You blinkered pest!

Eager to maim others with your suicide vest.

Do you really think you’ll be welcome

Into that blessed and eternal kingdom?

Where the saints live in love’s perfection,

Not your limp dreams of horny selection.

Verging on the ridiculous is your theology:

Vicious, godless, blood thirsty codology.


Are you seeing trees instead of wood:

Do you really think He delights in blood?

He who made us all in His good image,

And is doting father to all His lineage.

How could you kill a fellow child of God;

Don’t you think He might find that odd?

If I were you I’d be somewhat concerned:

Heaven or hell – which have you spurned?


With God on your side, anything can be justified.

Presuming, of course, that God is on your side…