Seeing You

As St Paul put it, trying to pierce the mysteries of life is like looking through a dark glass. We struggle to comprehend what really matters, we struggle to come to know God. Wouldn’t it be much better if we could see God as He is, and then we would automatically fall in love with Him, and be prone to do the right things, seeing sin for the awful thing it is?

Oh that I might clearer see

The glories of Your majesty.

To behold how good You are,

Blessed Jesus Saviour.

If only we could but see

The immediacy of divinity,

We would focus on our core,

Knowing what our lives are for.


The worst sinner would repent,

Would soften, melt, and relent;

Would turn away from evil deeds,

Reject all selfish, odious creeds.

They would run a mile from hate,

All too aware of its bankrupt fate.

The hardest heart would beat anew,

With childlike joy in knowing You.


Your pure beauty would enthral,

Would captivate us one and all.

No one then would consider sin;

One glance at You would bring us in.

A ray of Your entrancing light,

Would convert, renew, reignite;

A memory seared on our heart,

To keep us straight on Your path.


Why oh why then are You hidden,

And we Eden-lost and sin-ridden?

Why oh why can we not see:

Will our free will, not be free?

Is it violence to our hearts,

To enjoy all Your face imparts?

Would our humanity be the less,

Living in sight of divine greatness?


So, is this life we live, a ‘test’,

And up to us to do our best?

With no proof of any creed,

Faith may be the rule we need!

If God then is effectively hidden,

What will be the pass for heaven?

If practical love is our life stance,

Have we found eternity’s entrance?