Should We Mourn when an Evil Man Dies?

A particularly barbaric terrorist has recently been killed. Should we mourn when an evil man dies?

Should we mourn

When an evil man dies?

Should we perhaps

Celebrate his demise?

If not celebrate,

Then perhaps be glad,

And certainly

Never ever feel sad?


And what of You,

Who are Father of all?

Do You mourn

One so clearly evil?

Would You admit

Failure of Your plan,

When at the end,

Satan gets his man?


Does Your mercy

Extend beyond the grave,

To save the ‘lost’

Who refused to behave?

Is our freedom

Then just a ruse,

To make us think

That we can choose?


And if we choose

To reject love’s path,

Will You hold to

The fiery aftermath?

Does evil then win

By populating hell,

Where even one

Sours heaven’s hotel?


When You thought of us

Long before our birth,

And invested us

With Your own imag’d worth,

Did You know then

Our various ends:

Those choosing life;

Those otherwise destined?


Did You create

Those who would be damned?

Did You foresee

As if it was planned?

All will be well?

Will it be so?

What if the one I love

Doesn’t get to go?


Yes we should mourn

When an evil man dies,

We who will face

Our very own reprise.

We should so mourn

The loss of a brother,

Sourced from the same Hand,

Our significant other.


For when the bell tolls,

We are connected:

Sin’s ripples spread,

All are infected.

And all by mercy

And mercy alone,

Will enter heaven,

Humble… and prone.