That Treasure

Jesus spoke of a man finding treasure in a field, who then hurries off, sells all he owns to buy the field and thereby acquire the treasure…

Glistening among the meadow flowers,

I found a treasure beyond all imagining.

How on earth could I ever possess it?

By buying the ground on which it lay.

To do so would take selling all that I had.

Why did I never acquire that trove?


Was it because I knew the treasure

Would still be there year after year?

But would I still be here year after year?

Was it because I didn’t really believe

It was worth what it appeared to be?

Some kind of fool’s gold after all?


Was it because I wouldn’t pay the price?

To sell everything, and thus change my life?

Did I prefer to cling to my comforts,

Lacking that courage and generosity

We see in the example of the saints,

Those millionaires of the spiritual realm?


I go back often and peer at its lustre.

I know where the greatest gift lies.

Yet still I will not pay the asking price.

And in refusing to own that treasure,

I fail to help others to find their own:

Because God has gifted each one of us.


Everyone has this gift awaiting them,

And no one else can ever steal it.

But it has to be found and paid for.

Why oh Lord did You set such a price?

The cost of total self-commitment:

Discipleship – You first in all things.


No other fortune, no cause, no ism,

Can ever come close to this treasure

Which cannot be taken from us,

And, joy of joys, will never corrupt

Or lose its magnificent benefit.

We, we settle for poor second best.


I have settled for second best Oh Lord.

I who have seen the treasure which

Is nothing other than Your love for us:

Unconditional, superabundant, eternal.

I have touched it, felt it, yet went away,

Back to the base trinkets of mediocrity.


You are more than worth it, sweet Lord.

It is I who lack the heart courage and

Go away sad, still wedded to rubbish.

Your gift lies there still, waiting for me.

With You, now is not too late. Mayhap

Before I die, will I yet gain that treasure?