The Gulf Between Us

Can believers and non-believers ever see the point of each other’s position? One hides behind divine right, while the other worships facts. Perhaps we should begin by admitting the fundamental gulf that lies between our differing world views?
It is good to come together:

Consensus is the better way.

Disagreement is lamentable,

And too easily sows dismay.


When people are so divided,

That they strive to diss others;

When hearts are unable to join,

Brothers may set against brothers.


Is unity then the greatest good,

Even to dear truth’s subjugation?

If we lose our truth what are we?

Say no to integrity’s negation!


Atheists and believers harangue,

And never seem to merge views.

One holds cold facts as sacred;

The other holds fast to their pews.


In today’s pluralist society,

Is there common ground for such?

One is missing divine friendship;

The other sadly grasping a crutch.


Both can show care for mankind.

One can always love without Jesus.

But, let’s be honest, there is a

Huge gulf that lies between us.


For we give very different answer

To the deepest question of life,

And to pretend otherwise is to

Court misunderstanding and strife.


Man is defined by relationship,

And surely belonging pips being?

Who do I belong to? Discuss.

I wonder if we’ll end up agreeing?


The believer is clear – it’s God.

The humanist myself, or even we.

The answer should dictate life,

And our priorities may disagree.


So everything from celibacy

To euthanasia is coloured thus,

And each other’s point of view

Might leave the other nonplussed.


If we could see beyond trite statement,

To the reasoning contained therein,

We may never agree on premise,

But mutual respect might set in.