The Holy Door

Pope Francis has just inaugurated his Year of Mercy by opening a ‘holy door’ in St Peter’s basilica in Rome.

A ‘holy door’? What’s that?



A piece of wood isn’t holy.

It’s just a piece of wood,

Ultimately made by God,

But not holy!

And yet,

By association,

And by sheer span of time,

It might absorb

The faith of myriad souls?

A button isn’t evil,

But as the igniter of a suicide vest,

It may well cause slaughter and mayhem.


A door might not be holy,

But as a portal,

It may signify a deeper reality:

The journey of souls

From death to life,

From hate to love,

From condemnation to mercy.


Is then

To open a ‘holy door’,

The sacramental act

Of making mercy real?