The Human Delusion

The ‘God Delusion’ seems to be a popular topic these days, as many folk satisfy themselves that God is now consigned to the dustbin of human follies. Science, we’re told, has debunked God, and, as soon as the masses enjoy access to proper education, religion will lose it’s grip on them.

In our self conceit, we are certainly delusionary…

It’s easy to believe that the consciousness

Which lurks between my eyes

Is the centre of reality.

And all things, even God,

Are somehow subordinate,

And simply there to serve me.


It’s easy to believe that other people

Are not quite in my league,

And I am God’s favourite.

And my mediocrity so far

Is due to their jealousy,

And not my own demerit.


It’s easy to believe that my sin is less

Than that of everyone else’s,

As I massage my motives,

And God will show me bias,

As He measures their lies

Against my little fibs.


It’s easy to believe that life will go on,

And on and on and on,

And that my vigour will last.

That I own my very self,

And my cosy indifference

Will not leave me aghast.


It’s easy to believe that this beautiful earth,

Which is humanity’s only home,

Is the centre of Creation.

And the countless stars

Are all revolving round

Like some fringe illumination.


It’s easy to believe in divers delusions,

Adjusting experience just so;

Our values upside down.

Where we worship ourselves,

And our golden calf

Is actually a clown.