The Hymn of the Modern Man

Somewhere deep inside, each one of us still believes in eternity, but there is a disconnect between core and consciousness. We know love doesn’t end at death, but we pay scant regard to the Author of life. We scoff at the notion of unending life, but live as if life was unending.

Why are we so anti-God? What is at the root of our disconnect?

As humanity becomes more sophisticated, though not necessarily civilised, God is being edged out. That certain humility which opens us to God, is being eroded by a cancerous pride in our achievements.

But God will not be denied…

This poem might be the anthem of the modern man.

I can do stuff, therefore I am strong!

Submission to God? It’s simply wrong.

‘Gifts’ are only for the needful poor;

I earn my bread, and that’s for sure.

Faith in what I cannot see or touch?

Seems to me it’s a pathetic crutch.


Gods were useful for the primitive tribe,

When faced with nature’s force to ascribe.

Volcanoes, earthquakes, thunder claps:

The ‘gods’ were angry with earthly chaps.

And mystic knowledge was kinda useful,

To profit from the pious and gullible.


Humility is for the weak and meek:

Give me attitude, give me cheek!

Lots of front to strut my stuff;

Hard and fast, rough and tough.

I’ll not be dependent on anyone;

Love’s alright, but I’m number one!


Science will eventually conquer all,

Just don’t lets start a global brawl…

Science will take us where we want to go,

Hopefully avoiding a nuclear inferno.

Science will make us like unto gods;

Maybe defy death – what’re the odds?


The odd recession notwithstanding,

The human race is clearly progressing.

When we’re all educated and well fed,

Peace will reign and sin will be dead.

A time of plenty, yes, milk and honey,

Loads of gadgets, and loads of money.


Why be jealous when you’ve got the lot?

No need to fight, kill and be the zealot.

We can build a world without religion,

Imagine that (as sung by John Lennon)!

Yes, human nature really can improve,

When you choose the humanist groove.

A me.