The Litany of Now

So many people appear to live with one eye on the past, and the other eye on the future, lamenting, hoping, worrying, etc.

There is only one moment that is given to us, and only one time to meet God.

Dedicated to Lucy.

Now – the only moment I ever have.

Now – a mere flicker in time’s march.

Now – this now will never come again.

Now – the most precious gift of all?

Now – what grounds me to reality.

Now – when the Spirit touches me.

Now – where the past is redeemed.

Now – where the future is secured.

Now – where I can effect real change.

Now – the sum of all my memories.

Now – the only place I meet others.

Now – the only place I find myself.

Now – bringing both gift and task.

Now – too precious to spend sulking.

Now – where great things can begin.

Now – where mortality meets eternity.

Now – the only space where love is.

Now – all ‘nows’ are present to Him.

Now – the time when I shall die…

God’s Kingdom is – NOW.