The Look of Love

When Jesus was arrested and brought before the authorities, it was a touch and go moment for Peter. All his dreams were up in smoke and he was in mortal peril himself. In crippling fright he denied he knew Jesus. At that dark moment he saw Jesus looking at him, and what he saw in Jesus face was to turn his life round.

At the moment of my greatest sin,

I saw my Lord arraigned in chains,

Stood there on trial for His dear life,

Yet still had care to feel my pains.


For He looked across to where I was,

And such a look as pierced my heart:

It was not reproach nor anger’s pique,

No condemnation nor spiteful dart.


My sin was great, I knew full well,

Base betrayal through gnawing fear.

Betrayal of the best and dearest One,

Whose love was true and ever near.


For what can truly redeem great sin?

Will reproof and revenge convert us?

Surely the only way to a better path,

Is through the mercy gate of Jesus?


Yes, it was the look of love from Him,

Who took upon Himself the rage of men,

To show in raw red wounds that only

Love will cure the contagion of sin.


And so I boast with Peter, who stood

Outside the court in helpless failure,

Set to Judas-like throw away his life,

Saved only by recognising the Saviour.


The same Peter who, thus transformed,

Became for his brethren a granite base.

And so God’s Church was born of love,

With mercy unleashing amazing grace.


Look then to suffering Jesus, when

In sin’s tight grip you reap despair.

Know that, in spite of all, you’re loved,

And you’ll receive acceptance there.