The Mechanics of Mercy

An exploration of what I mean by ‘mercy’.

In showing mercy,

We do to others

What has been done to us.

As the redeemed,

Washed in Jesus’ blood,

This duty lies on us.


God has no favourites:

All are His. Called.

Fitted for life eternal.

He has taken our wounds,

Lovingly borne for us;

All of us – special.


Mercy is given to us.

We must do likewise.

If we withhold, we sin.

We fall short of our calling,

And our sacred dignity.

And evil wins yet again.


For evil says to our heart:

Don’t let them get away with it!

Yet… we have got away with it:

Time and again, as sinners.

We don’t have a leg to stand on,

We who live through His Spirit.


There is no choice in this!

A clear and present duty,

And love’s plain dividend.

Whether we believe or not,

We are called to mercy:

It will decide our end.


When I extend mercy,

I tap God’s mercy to me,

Spawning profound synergy:

That healing for my failings,

Assuaged by powerful grace,

Releasing spiritual energy.


If I am bound to mercy,

Is there a limit to it?

So far and then no further?

We take our cue from Christ,

Who forgave even unto death,

That all might know Him brother.


Mercy is love’s response;

Antidote to hate’s venom.

When given heartfelt and free,

Evil may scream it’s wrath,

But for all the darkness now,

Love will own eternity.