The Truth in You

There are some people who, when they speak of God, touch our hearts. You just know that the Holy Spirit is in them in a powerful way. This poem is a personal thank you to one such – Fr Jim McManus C.Ss.R.



You break His word and bread for us;

We so thank God for the gift of you!

Your service witnesses to His gospel,

And your whole life resonates true.


Years of prayer have put Truth in you.

How clear to see Jesus as incarnate.

A paradox to those who would deny

God, both loving and compassionate.


A quiet wisdom emanates from you,

All the more impressive for being

Without rude showiness of pride,

As your humility is there for seeing.


You speak of mercy with conviction;

That authority of one who has applied,

Both within sacrament and without,

Prodigality flowing from the Crucified.


Let those who scoff that God is dead,

And those, wounded, despairing grace,

Take time to listen to your message,

To see Jesus smiling… through your face.


In your low moments remember this:

You will never know how many folk,

Have been blessed by your witness.

How pleased God is, you took His yoke.