This Oh So Precious Present NOW

The only moment we have is NOW.  And yet each now is succeeded by an endless succession of nows, running into eternity.  This is God’s gift to each one of us.  And the most important moment is NOW.



Life, God’s life, given to me, my life,

Is NOW, neither past nor future,

And this oh so precious present now,

This gratis moment in which I am,

Is followed by an endless succession

Of nows, forming an unending span.

I am immortal!  We are immortal!


Death, my death, will be a moment

Among an infinite aeon of moments,

With many nows before, and yes,

An eternity of nows to follow, for

God did not create us for a term,

And then to see us cease to be!

Love endures – His love endures us!


So do not fret for the unknown ahead:

He will not lose us from His love-lead.

And do not despair over wasted days,

And love-failed deeds sore remembered:

He who gives us this now, will hold

All our moments in His heart’s mercy,

For His now is a new-beginning-now.


A new-beginning-now, a mercy-now,

A prodigal-now, to set us free to…

Live in the now, fully alive to Him!

Oh joy of joys my soul! Breathe now!

Fill your aching chest with this grace,

Breathe in His ruah and breathe out hurt:

You are loved now, without condition!


For His love, all His love, is given us now,

Not for what we’ve been or will become,

But because of who He is: love divine.

So we, Kingdom-gifted, are royal-sealed,

Every hair counted, dear beloved children,

And we can gain our inheritance now:

Neither old nor new: a now-testament!


For God is not hard to find in the now:

This is the kairos in which He touches us,

The meeting point of heaven and earth.

Hear Him singing in your heart right now,

Feel His no-strings love warm you now,

Use His strength in the sacrament of now.

Live, breathe, rejoice, praise – NOW!