A simple piece of verse…

To feel the touch of God… is blessing.

To have sensed His holy breath in life,

His sure peace prevailing amidst conflict,

His unchanging law gently addressing,

Not to avoid inevitable trouble and strife,

But guiding you – this is heaven’s prospect.


To glimpse a sight of God… is blessing.

When all sense of balance is heaving round,

And emotions of relationships are all at sea;

To have that sacred silhouette possessing,

Imaged into the lens of your vision-ground;

This is strength to keep striding to eternity.


To be pardoned by God… is blessing.

When your brokenness and selfish pride

Have reaped a sour harvest of bitter weed,

And others’ patience and mercy is missing,

Leaving you bereft and consolation denied:

His open heart will always meet you need.


To know the name of God… is blessing.

That the highest power and mightiest force,

Surpassing everything on earth or above,

Whose nature gives all creation’s confessing,

Value, worth, identity, and vital source,

Is simply and undeniably – unconditional love.