Do You Laugh Lord?

Who can know the mind of God…



Do you laugh Lord, when you watch our dreams?

Do you smile Lord, when you note our schemes?

Do you wince Lord, when we live for gain?

Do you die Jesus, again and again?


Do you weep Lord, at all our guile?

Will you look to condemn, at our trial?

Do you react, when we kill and maim?

As Jesus dies, time and time again?


Do you mind Lord, when we say you’re dead?

And we trust in human strengths instead?

We read our stars, our ‘beliefs’ to feign;

Will Jesus die, endlessly again?


Do you react, when we curse your name?

Do you feel hurt, when you get the blame?

Do you love Lord, and will continue so?

Though Jesus dies, now, as long ago?


Do you doubt Lord, when you see your plan?

Although you knew, before you created man?

Do you despair, when all seems in vain?

Do you die Jesus, once more again?


Do you rage Lord, when you see men’s sin?

Are you tempted, to throw the towel in?

Will you stay Lord, to see it through?

Though Jesus dies, each time anew?


Why do you care, O eternal Father?

Our hearts are stone, harder and harder…

Why keep faith, and offer new starts?

Does Jesus die to win our hearts?


Do you think Lord, as we tend to do?

With small minds and blinkered view?

Or do you see a different outcome?

Where Jesus’ death, gifts the kingdom?


Will you be there Lord, when life is ended?

Is your love given, never to be rescinded?

Will you embrace us, forever to stay?

Brother Jesus cries: “I am the Way!”