a little bit of fun, based on the antics of one of our dogs. But, in keeping with Poems for Pilgrims’ spiritual theme – there is a simple message for all of us. Thank you Dollis. 1994 – 2010



Splish, splash, splosh. Sludging,

Slipping, slopping up the path;

Head down, cowled against the rain,

Concentrating – man,

What a floody pain.


dollis (1)


Splish, splash, splosh – Dollis

Whoshing, wagging through the wet;

Tail up, loving every drop.

Carefree, full of beans,

Shakes her shaggy mop.


Don’t – you – dare, doggie,

Running, charging, straight at me!

Woah! Glistening, hairy bomb;

Unloads cold cargo,

Delivered with aplomb.


Great big drop, swelling,

Filling, forming, mud infused;

Hanging from my nose.

Hold breath, gonna sneeze!

Tickling as it goes.


Wet, wet, wet – water,

Inside, outside, every side!

Dreaming of a bath,

A dram! More wet, yet:

Warming aftermath.


Do dogs dream Dollis?

Crashing, bashing, gallumping.

Too busy to talk,

Smells a plenty here,

Focused on your walk.


Then, now, yet – listen

Up humans, doggie wisdom:

Be alive in the now;

Fretting this and that,

Makes a worried brow.


Splish, splash, splosh, Dollis.

Yelping, spinning, all about;

Canine pleasure zone;

Tiring very fast;

Home, food, laid out prone!