Good to Go

The peace that only God can give is utterly beyond our imagining. The few times in my life that I have barely tasted this gift, is enough to confirm in me how immense a treasure it is. It is NOT having an easy life, free of care and misfortune. Rather this peace is based on the firm knowledge and experience that God is ultimately in control, that He loves us, and will bring all things together, even the bad, for our good. When you really grasp this FACT, then nothing, not even death, can tear His peace from your heart and soul.



Down at the Gifts of the Spirit take away,

Peace was sitting on the shelf, good to go.

The label said: ‘Manager’s special – no charge!’

And plenty customers were passing to and fro.

But no one was interested…


All day long, the shop was heaving.

Times were hard but people were hungry,

Keen to get their hands on spiritual gifts.

And the till was ringing constantly!

Still, no one was interested…


Some of the gifts were in great demand,

But the Spirit could always keep supply.

Yet Peace stayed, untouched, neglected;

Odd for a gift you couldn’t actually buy?

While lesser gifts got sold instead…


The bank manager popped in and asked:

“Why is your greatest line the cheapest?

What kind of business are you running?

A loss leader to get people’s interest?

Hope your profit’s not being bled?


Perhaps you could do an instore demo?

What you need is some product promotion!

If folks could only see the benefits;

Why, it could cause quite a commotion!

Maybe you could try rebranded?”


“Why don’t you put a price tag on it?”

The young assistant was keen to please.

“People don’t seem to value freebies;

A decent price might put them at ease.

There’s a catch! It could be said!”


“What does it do?” the young lad asked.

“Where’s it’s lights and does it make noise?”

“Don’t be silly!” his mother snapped back:

“That’s for monks and nuns – not for wee boys”.

Only for priests – or so she said.


Still the crowds were flocking in,

And Peace sat high on its shelf.

One man asked about approval service,

So that people could try for them self?

Then they might be interested!


The manager thought he’d ask the shoppers,

Had they considered what Peace could give?

“Sure I’d love it but I’m just too busy,

No room for it in the life I live!

I think I’ll buy some Joy instead…”


Another customer put it bluntly:

“I just don’t think it’s worth the trouble!

I’ve lots of cares and responsibilities:

A big family – constantly giving me hassle.

Sorry – it would just be wasted”.


The manager sighed and said to himself:

The people don’t know what they’re missing;

Dying of thirst – they pass by the fountain –

Maybe there is a price for this blessing?

But the cost is in their own head?