His Father saw Him

“His father saw him…” a poignant phrase from the parable of the prodigal son, perhaps the ultimate parable of God’s dealings with us. There is so much meaning in every phrase and sentence. “His father saw him while he was yet a long way off”. The father was watching, waiting, hoping, desperate for any sign of his son’s return. And when he saw him, how he responded!

Can you imagine that God is waiting for you, desperate for any sign that you are moving back to him? Make the first move, and He will do the rest.

And then I saw my son

While yet afar off,

Saw his shambling gait

And bone weariness;

Saw his deep shame

And sore embarrassment,

And my thumping heart

Surged with tenderness.


My youngest son!

Gone this long time since;

Left in haste, but now

What was lost is found!

See – he comes on still,

His spirit rock bottom’d.

Quick! Prepare a feast,

Let him hear the sound.


Let me run to him,

All propriety dismissed,

No concern who sees,

My son needs me now;

Nothing else matters,

Leave the ninety nine,

Run and staunch his tears,

Bring comfort anyhow.


His older brother,

A well beloved son,

Is angered aloud:

What’s this party for?

Where is justice here?

For a failed wastrel,

You make yourself a fool.

Don’t you know the score?


Oh my favoured son,

Can’t you see the truth?

To be a family again,

United come what may.

Your younger brother

Isn’t a commodity;

He’s a real person;

This is a happy day!


I will be a fool

A thousand times more,

If it means that we

Are together again.

For I love him so,

Not for what he does,

There are no conditions;

This my love for him.


Everyone makes mistakes,

Aye, and bad things too;

Youth and optimism

Can be a heady brew.

None of us can cast

Stones as faultless types;

We all stand in need

Of mercy’s pardon too.


Justice is for courts,

Not for families.

He is your own blood,

Let the past go hang.

Do not break my heart,

Still sore from his sin;

Here’s to new beginnings,

And healing for the pang.


Come and run with me,

Show him that he’s loved,

And he’s more important

Than the things he does.

I must go to him,

Run and hold him close;

And there’s room for you,

Always, in my love.