Holy Communion

This somewhat experimental piece expresses something of my belief in what Catholics understand by Holy Communion.



Shine, sanctifier supreme, sacrificing

All association with the Almighty, and

Close companionship with the Creator.

Redeemer, relishing real relationships;

Enter into intimate indwelling in each

Devout disciple desiring divine destiny.


Bring bounteous blessings – bestow!

Offering of own self, entire, openhearted;

Delivering us by a dreadful death – redo

Your yeast-grace in our souls’ yearning.


Anaphoric agape, all needs answered;

No greater friend, never known to fail;

Delighting in dealing deep-healing deeds.


Body broken to build better bonds by

Loving life-lesson, leaving us light and

Oneness, in overabundant self-offering,

Ordained and ordered with no out-clause:

Do not deny Your dear-bought dividend.