How Can I Sing the Praises of My Lord?

This poem is about what really matters in our prayer. There are many different forms of prayer, and some will suit some and not others. In the last analysis, the form doesn’t really matter…



How can I sing the praises of my Lord?

What words? What music? Can I afford?

My words are poor and my skill is scant;

But worse – my heart’s recalcitrant.



If my heart was beating with love for thee,

Then my praises would flow so naturally.

I wouldn’t worry what words I used;

My face would shine, with joy suffused.


When we praise from a heart that is true,

Any form, methods, or words will do.

Our Father delights, not in the sense we make,

But in the passion with which we partake.


Examine your heart’s stance through and through;

Fall in love with your Lord each day anew.

Time spent with the beloved is never wasted;

Even if sometimes it leaves you deflated.


“The prayer of the humble pierces the clouds”.

It’s not whether it’s rosary, tongues or lauds;

Set prayers, hymns or even good deeds;

It’s our sincerity that God really needs.