How have I Lived my Span?

This poem is partly a tribute to what is probably my favourite hymn: My song is love unknown (Samuel Crossman 1664)

It uses the same rhyming structure, but my words don’t begin to compare with his magnificent words.

How have I lived my span?

How used the talents mine?

How loved my fellow man,

And let Your glory shine?

That so I might, Your witness be;

Revealing Thee, to others’ sight.


How have I grasped Your grace,

These many years gone by?

I who have seen Your face,

And cannot You deny?

Rich faith was sown: a sense of You,

By others who, Yourself had known.


Heartfelt, I voice my thanks,

To brothers, sisters all,

Who were for me firm planks

To build a conscience tall.

We Christians owe, a massive debt;

Don’t let’s forget, what forebears sow.


This is what church is for:

To hand faith’s baton on,

Ensuring evermore

Jesus’ memory strong.

I take my place, among the ranks,

To pray our thanks, for biding grace.


Divine love, our cement;

To know and to be known;

Collective sacrament,

We never walk alone.

Gathered we praise, in Jesus’ name:

Spirit aflame, for endless days!